One Day Course: Presentations that stick

Prepare. Present. Analyze. That is what you will learn to do in a smarter, slicker way in this one day course. Keep practicing, and you will become a speaker that entertains and inspires your listeners no matter the topic.

What you will learn

• Smart tools to make your preparation more efficient.
• Make your presentation truly memorable by involving more senses.
• Avoid the most common traps with slides.
• Challenge your creativity.
• A basic formula for all great presentations.
• Analyze and get better on your own.

What you will do

You get to participate, talk to each other, write and practice what I teach throughout the day. This one day will get you tools that lasts for a long time and will help you in your future presentations – preparing, presenting and analyzing.

The details
This is a one day course. One hour of follow up at your location or via Skype, is included. For questions and booking contact me directly at or call me 072 206 50 97. 

Let ́s make your presentations stick!